Wildflowers of Kosciuszko National Park

The summer season in the Australian Snowy Mountains is the best time for Alpine hikes, trail riding and mountain climbing. One of the biggest (and brightest!) perks of the season are the stunning wildflowers that dot the landscape from Spring through to Autumn.

The pristine alpine area of Kosciuszko National Park is a unique landscape. With the highest geographical altitude in Australia the regions beauty is unparalleled and boasts 21 species of flora that can only be found in the Kosciuszko National Park.


The wildflowers begin to bloom as the snow melts in mid spring and last through to Autumn. The best time to catch sight of these beauties is mid-December through to mid-January when the warm weather and long days of sunshine will see the wildflowers reach their full bloom. Perfect timing to coincide with a Christmas or New Years getaway and make the most of the regions summer activities.


Throughout the Kosciuszko National Park you will be able to catch sightings of these rare flowers. For the best experience, seek the altitude of the Main Range Track or Ramshead Range. Here, the alpine trees are sparse and the fields are open and blooming with magnificent patches of the wildflowers. Access the tracks via Charlottes Pass or take the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift up from Thredbo.

What to look out for?

Snowy White Gentian Gentianelle Diemensis
Mountain Eyebright Euphrasia
Billy Buttons
Anemone Buttercups
Alpine Moss on Granite Boulder
Alpine Everlasting Leucochrysum Albicans
Alpine Flowers Stylidium sp
Alpine Sunrays
Candle Heath

Photo Credit: Zinta Bruzgulis